What is counselling anyway?

Good question! I'm glad you asked. There are so many misconceptions about what counselling (often called therapy) actually is and is not. These myths muddy the waters before we can even ask questions about types of therapy and which practitioners to consider. Therapy can be a mine field. 

In this article, myth-busting help is indeed on the way.  

Counselling Myth 1: I don't want to go see a counsellor because an 'expert' is going to tell me what to feel or what to do.

My goodness, no! There is no “should” in counselling.  

Counselling Fact: We work together.

I see you as the expert in your own life and your own desires. I offer some expertise in how to get there and how to work with the human condition.  

Counselling Myth 2: If I go see a therapist it is an admission of failure that I'm at fault or that I'm weak.

Again, my goodness, no. It is true that our culture often slaps a label of weak or stupid on people if they seek professional assistance. It isn't true and it isn't fair, in my opinion.

Counselling Fact: Choosing therapy is choosing strength.

There is a deep human need in all of us to seek support and connection when faced with life's trials. It is therefore a sign of strength to invest time and energy into working with someone who can be an ally in that journey.  

Counselling Myth 3: Counselling is the same as reading a self-help book.

Whereas there are many useful and well-written self-help books, there are others that are not and can even be misleading. However, even the good ones propose a “one size fits all” approach.  

Counselling Fact: You are gaining an ally to work alongside you to achieve your goals and your dreams.

It is having a safe space to unload your worries and your stress. In that safe space, there is no room for judgment, there is only compassion.

Therapy means having a relationship of trust where the counsellor's perspective is one step removed from your situation and might offer a different view of the way to proceed. The therapist's position has often been described as “one foot in and one foot out of the soup.”

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Marilyn Sundeen